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sincerely, a person who has been on prozac for 9 years

this is in response to some shitty stuff i’ve seen on my dash recently. it’s super simplified, so if you’d like to know some more indepth stuff on how exactly it works, google it—OR BETTER YET actually talk to a mental health doctor psychiatrist person wow

i mean while some of this is true and all—and note that op deleted this post—

i will say this as many times as i have to:

pills work differently for everyone and just because certain side effects didn’t happen to one person doesn’t mean they didn’t happen to others 

there are warnings on a great many of these pills that sometimes increase in certain thought patterns* can happen—and that’s why you should only** take anti depressants while under the care of a doctor because they can monitor changes and adjust or take you off medicines as needed 

*common warnings i’ve seen have been: increase in anxiety, increase in suicidal thoughts, increase in depression

**unless you absolutely cannot see a doctor for any reason, but please be careful 

these things are changing things in your brain functions and side effects will occur as they do so. so if a numbing feeling does happen that is probably saying ‘this pill isn’t effective and you need an increased dosage or to change pills’ 

he’s the devil.

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Ladies, gents and non-binaries: Stephen Fry, man who possesses the most common sense of any human on earth.

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Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75
— Benjamin Franklin   (via officiallygod)
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hey pull my finger

*finger detaches*

see you in court asshole